Based in London, and trusted around the world, Scriberia empower our clients in the age of visual communication. Through animation, illustration, scribing, graphic facilitation and storytelling, our award-winning team offer a fast, flexible, creative service. With the power of pictures, we enable organisations of all shapes and sizes to define and share ideas, tell stories, align teams and engage new audiences. Welcome to Scriberia: World leaders in visual thinking…

Featured Post

There's a word for that: It's "scribing"!

What's in a name? Graphic facilitators, visual minute takers, sketchnoters, realtime infodoodlers..? Dan looks at why we call ourselves 'scribes' and what makes our approach to live illustration of ideas different.

Lastest Animation

Ireland 1912-1916: An Animated History from Home Rule to Easter Rising

The years leading up to the rebellion against British rule in Ireland in April 1916 were marked by significant political, cultural and military developments in Ireland and throughout Europe. Scriberia have been working with Century Ireland to create this animated summary of the events preceding the Easter Rising, launched to coincide with its 100th anniversary.


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