Scriberia show even the most hopeless doodler how to capture and communicate ideas in their simplest form, introducing tricks and tips that make drawing a useful everyday work tool. And it’s all done with immense charm. It’s like being in a double art class with your favourite teacher.
— Tom Firth, Managing Director, M&C Saatchi


When time is short and attention spans are even shorter, having the skills to think and communicate in effective and engaging ways can set you apart.

Pictures have the power to say more than words, shortcut to understanding, clarify thinking, embed memory, spark insights, inspire change and transform the world. The key is knowing how to use them. 

At Scriberia, we believe anyone can learn simple drawing techniques to help them think, work and communicate better.

That’s why we set up Scriberia Academy: to help non-artists gain the confidence and skills to start using these powerful tools. 

Our fun, interactive workshops are based on the in-house training we run for each other at Scriberia. They are led by our expert visual communicators and we have options for both teams and individuals. 

Even the least confident artists could see that if they could draw a circle or a triangle or a square they could start to convey quite complex ideas.
— Kate Kapp, Senior Service Design Manager, Tesco PLC

how to draw anything

A crash course for non-artists

using ink to think

Scriberia's essential toolkit



Powerful techniques for learning, sharing and remembering

Clarity from Complexity

How to make your vision sharper, ideas leaner and presentations smarter


picturing change

Tools to show what the future looks like

creative firestarters

Drawing to spark ideas


visual storytelling

How to communicate beyond words


The Scriberia workshop really focused and inspired the attendees. It gave them the confidence in their ability to have ideas and communicate them.
— Kati Russell, Senior Programme Manager, D&AD

who are our workshops for?

Scriberia Academy workshops are for non-artists keen to supercharge their skillset in building visual literacy skills to help you think, work and communicate better.

Past Academy participants have included account managers, architects, data analysts, fundraisers, marketing executives, museum professionals, product designers, science researchers, software engineers, strategic consultants, UX designers, and teams from Globant, HM Prison and Probation Service, Mars, Mediacom, NHS England, Oxfam, Roche, M&C Saatchi, Tesco and YCN.

Each workshop is for between 10 to 150 people. It can be adapted to last between one and three hours, and combined with another workshop to make a whole day of training.

what's the venue?

We can bring Academy workshop to your venue. Or we can host it here in Scriberia’s Inktank. This is a special creative space for up to 20 people, with whiteboard walls and plenty of pens.

what happens after the workshop?


Handy resources
After each workshop, we send participants a summary of its key points, useful resources, and the opportunity to subscribe to InkedIn.

Each month we mail you our Academy newsletter, InkedIn, with helpful tips, tricks and inspiration to keep practising.

Your next workshop
Many teams find it useful to keep developing their skills with another Academy workshop a few weeks later. What better way to keep everyone on course for success?