Scriberia show even the most hopeless doodler how to capture and communicate ideas in their simplest form, introducing tricks and tips that make drawing a useful everyday work tool. And it’s all done with immense charm. It’s like being in a double art class with your favourite teacher.
— Tom Firth, Managing Director, M&C Saatchi


Scriberia is a team of world-leading visual storytellers. We’re experts in drawing. Yet we believe that anyone, no matter their background or training, can learn simple drawing techniques to help them disentangle ideas, remember information better, communicate with impact, work efficiently, plan effectively and visualise the future.

That’s why we set up Scriberia Academy: to help teams of non-artists from every discipline to gain the confidence and skills to use drawing as a powerful tool for critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

Clients who’ve asked Scriberia Academy to help supercharge their teams’ visual-thinking powers include D&AD, Deloitte, Facebook, Google, IDEO, Mars, Mediacom, News UK, NHS England, Oxfam, the Royal Society, M&C Saatchi, Suntory, Tesco and Twitter. We’ve trained architects, media planners, data analysts, engineers, health researchers, marketing executives, museum professionals, policy advisers, product managers, strategy consultants, science communicators and software engineers.

How to Draw Anything

Half day (2.5 hr) workshop

A fun and interactive introduction to drawing as a critical-thinking tool for non-artists.

✓ Develop your drawing confidence

✓ Get a great creative workout

✓ Improve team cohesion

✓ Build a visual language in common

Using Ink to Think

Full day (6hrs) workshop

Build your visual thinking skills with How to Draw Anything plus any ONE of:

Creative Firestarters
Clarity from Complexity
Visual Storytelling
Picturing Change

✓ Sharpen communication skills

✓ Get practical tips for using drawing at work

✓ Use drawing as a problem solving tool

✓ Draw with clarity and purpose

Read about all the workshops here.

Scriberia Diploma

6 x 2 hour workshops

Become a visual leader in your organisation with our unique 6-part course:

How to Draw Anything
Creative Firestarters
Clarity from Complexity
Visual Storytelling
Picturing Change

✓ Make visual thinking a core skill

✓ Become a visual leader in your organisation

✓ Inspire others to work more visually

✓ Gain a broad and flexible creative skillset

Read about all the workshops here.


What’s the venue?

The workshops take place in Scriberia’s Inktank in King’s Cross, London. This is a purpose designed creative space for up to 18 people. We provide hot drinks, water, fruit and biscuits to keep you energised. 

What happens afterwards?

To help you continue your visual thinking journey, you’ll also get:

  • a copy of Scriberia’s book, How to Draw Anything

  • a handy summary of the key points with useful resources