When time is short and attention spans are even shorter, having the skills to think and communicate in an effective and engaging way can set you apart.

Images have the power create shortcuts to information and knowledge, to promote understanding and enhance communication. The key is understanding how to use them. 

At Scriberia, we believe in ‘hardworking pictures’ – pictures that take the heavy-lifting out of thinking and communicating. We may have years of experience in scribing, graphic facilitation and creative problem solving under our belts, but we believe anyone can transform the way they work by mastering a few simple tricks of our trade. That’s why we set up the Academy; a real and a virtual space where you can master the hardworking picture and realise its potential. 

Here, you’ll find #HowToDraw tutorials to boost your creative confidence, as well as a host of tips for putting it to practical use. Meanwhile, at our studio in Kings Cross, we host fun, fast-paced workshops for teams and individuals keen to supercharge their skillset.

Learning from our expert visual communicators, you can build a basic visual vocabulary, improve your drawing and design skills, transform your presentations, use pictures to solve problems and develop techniques for capturing ideas visually. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve.


What our clients say...


I, Superman

"Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!" OK, we can't lay claim to all of that, but we did travel to Zurich to deliver a visual storytelling session that packed a real punch. Read more about how our Swiss adventure made creative heroes out of eighty sales and marketing folks!


The hardworking picture workshop:
25th November, 2016

Following our very successful workshop at the House of Illustration in January, we'll be running another from our studio in Kings Cross on Friday, 25th November.  It's a great introduction to the basics of visual communication and visual thinking! Click here to book your place.

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Let us design a bespoke Academy workshop for your team

We know that every team benefits from working more visually. Not only does it encourage a more creative atmosphere, but it also leads to greater clarity, alignment and engagement. If you'd like us to design a bespoke visual thinking workshop for your team, get in touch!

Meet the team

Sarah Manley is a highly experienced creative consultant who, for fifteen years, has been using visual thinking to help a wide range of blue-chip clients to solve complex problems. With minimal art training herself, she’s perfectly placed to tailor our workshops to non-artists and deliver on specific training goals. She’s a huge advocate for visual literacy and its potential as a tool for innovation, creativity, self-awareness and cognitive performance.

Dan Porter is Founder and Creative Director of Scriberia. He’s been a graphic facilitator for over fifteen years and works with our clients to deliver intelligent, engaging imagery on a daily basis. He trained as an art historian and his broad knowledge of art and visual culture gives him a unique perspective from which to draw insight, bringing learnings from across the spectrum of graphic communication to the Academy’s workshops.


We spend every day working visually and our studio reflects that. Situated near Kings Cross, it's light and spacious with barely a surface that can't be drawn on. So it makes perfect sense to host our workshops here too. However, we can also come to you if that's more convenient, and, for longer programmes, we'll use other venues to help inspire your creativity.

Visual thinking

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