We’re already seeing a difference. It’s helping us achieve a culture shift towards sharing our ideas early and often. Sticking a quick sketch on the wall is a really powerful conversation starter. It makes sharing ideas so much easier, within your own team and with colleagues from other departments
— Kate Kapp, Senior Service Design Manager, Tesco PLC


Turn on the news today and the buzzword from business leaders and politicians is “uncertainty”. We just don't know what 2019 looks like. 

The question is how do you respond to this unknowable future? Do you pull up the drawbridge and hope your traditional way of working will get you through? Or do you build the skills in your organisation to keep it flexible, creative and responsive? 

If it’s the latter you’re after, we can help. Scriberia Academy workshops are designed to support non-artists to gain the tools to work, create and communicate better through drawing and visual thinking.

Maybe you need to find a way to give dry data more energy and punch. Or make systems simple to understand. Or communicate with your customers with humanity and empathy. Or give your message clarity and life. Or turn your whiteboard notes into something more inspiring. Or boost your team’s confidence in coming up with ideas. Or pin down your vision for the future.

 These are just a few of the needs that our Scriberia Academy workshop programme is designed to help meet. To explore what we could do for your team, find out about the workshops here.

How do you make the case to your organisation to fund a workshop for your team?

You can often make a pitch stronger by pinpointing a particular need that your new skills would support. This set of questions might help you think that through.

  • What is it that you and your team want to achieve in the next few months? What project, vision or goals are you aiming for?

  • Could Scriberia Academy training help you identify and map them, clarify them and make them more relatable and achievable?

  • Could it help you communicate them too? Could you use it to inspire and engage others to get involved in making your vision happen?

  • How else could you use your new skills, for example, in learning and remembering new information, or coming up with new ideas?

  • And could you use those skills to enrich your wider life?

When you’ve made your case, we can run the workshops at your venue or at our Inktank space (pictured above) and tailor them to your needs. Explore our Academy pages to find out more.

who are our workshops for?

Scriberia Academy workshops are for non-artists keen to supercharge their skillset in building visual literacy skills to help you think, work and communicate better.

Past Academy participants have included account managers, architects, data analysts, fundraisers, marketing executives, museum professionals, product designers, science researchers, software engineers, strategic consultants, UX designers, and teams from Globant, HM Prison and Probation Service, Mars, Mediacom, NHS England, Oxfam, Roche, M&C Saatchi, Tesco and YCN.

Each workshop is for between 10 to 150 people. It can be adapted to last between one and three hours, and combined with another workshop to make a whole day of training.

what's the venue?

We can bring Academy workshop to your venue. Or we can host it here in Scriberia’s Inktank. This is a special creative space for up to 20 people, with whiteboard walls and plenty of pens.

what happens after the workshop?


Handy resources
After each workshop, we send participants a summary of its key points, useful resources, and the opportunity to subscribe to InkedIn.

Each month we mail you our Academy newsletter, InkedIn, with helpful tips, tricks and inspiration to keep practising.

Your next workshop
Many teams find it useful to keep developing their skills with another Academy workshop a few weeks later. What better way to keep everyone on course for success?