Wild Thing


David Bond is a filmmaker and self-appointed “Marketing Director of Nature”. As such he’s made it his mission to tackle the sad fact that too many children spend too little time of their in nature. And, if too few children are enthused and inspired by the natural world, who will protect it in the future? 

With the help of the Good for Nothing crew, David set out to persuade apathetic consumers of the benefits of this amazing, free, vitamin-D enriched wonder-product. And we were there to capture the madness. 

No stone, twig or leaf was left unturned in the quest to re-brand nature. Did they do it? We hope so. We’re definitely encouraged to go and play in the woods a little bit more. Who’s with us? Last one up the tree is ‘it’.

STOP PRESS: We've also been working with David on some animations which will feature as part of the Wild Thing movie, a documentary which is debuting at film festivals in June 2013.


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