using ink to think

In our visual world, the ability to think and communicate in images can set you apart. But you don’t have to be an artist or designer: some of the greatest ideas of all time have started life as humble sketches that do just enough to communicate.

This is our foundation workshop, designed to give non-artists the essential tools and confidence you need to think in pictures with pen and paper. It’s a solid grounding for anyone – whether you’re a project manager or a medic – who needs to map out and share ideas, concepts, scenarios, processes and plans. It’s also a helpful practical reminder to confident artists not to over-rely on hand skills. 


The workshop centres on a series of fun practical lessons and challenges. You’ll learn accessible techniques to draw basic pictures of objects, people, action scenes, past and future, hidden details, emotion and character. You’ll discover the importance of sharp thinking over fine hand skills. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how to start thinking and communicating clearly and powerfully with images.

Scriberia did a fantastic and impressive job of navigating everyone through a series of hands-on exercises that raised the collective confidence in being able to visualise our ideas. Capturing ideas is a really important part of the Mediacom planning, so [this] should raise our game.
— Richard Beecroft, Associate Director, Mediacom