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As technology becomes increasingly good at tracking our every step and counting our every calorie, as genetic medicine advances, and when every hamburger, holiday and headache we experience is shared on social media, the future of healthcare is going to get increasingly personal. Ogilvy Commonhealth’s enlightening report on the future of health and wellbeing looked at the behaviours, technologies and data-driven insights that might shape our health experiences in five key areas: Fitness, Nutrition, Over the Counter Medicines, Personalised Medicine and Adherence (following a course of treatment). 

They wanted some illustration to bring these scenarios to life, but were keen to move away from the sterile visuals that so often characterise medical content. The emphasis here was on the personal after all, rather than the clinical or technological advances. We received each of the five chapters, plus an introduction, as they were written and fairly rapidly brainstormed the visual content for each one, not straying far from the ‘scribey’ approach we’re comfortable with. It’s fair to say Ogilvy were happy with the results. We’ll let David Davenport-Firth, Ogilvy’s Director of Strategy & Behavioural Medicine, tell you in his own words…

Having experienced the “Scriberia-effect”* in several workshop settings, we turned to the guys to support us with our ‘Your health, yourself’ initiative. We wanted six individual, but inter-related, visualisations of our stories about personalized health and a solution that would engage different audiences across different countries -- the potential of personalized health deserves a big and varied audience.

Scriberia well and truly delivered…and beyond.

Our original intention was for them to distill the essence of each of our six stories. What we soon realized was their illustrations actually helped us fine-tune each story – less icing on the cake, more baking the cake!

*In our experience: awesome, can-do, captivating, connecting, energizing, grounding, thought-provoking, uplifting


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