Save 20% by booking a four-day Inktank package for your team

The Scriberia studio is a special place and, for the next 12 months, we want you to think of it as your team's second home. 

Book a package of four sessions in our light, bright central London workshop space, and we will help you visualise your plans and keep you on track over the course of the year. 

With one of our scribes on hand to illustrate your ideas as they flow, you can be sure that after a day of highly-productive visual thinking in The Inktank, you'll leave with a clear, shared vision of the road ahead. 

And what better way to keep everyone on course for success, than to return to The Inktank a few weeks or months later, to regroup, reassess and redraw?  

The Inktank is the perfect place for groups of up to 10 people to harness the power of visual thinking. (And, if you're not sure what we mean by visual thinking, the animation below is for you). 

So what is the 411? 

  • Four sessions (in a 12 month period) in The Inktank; Scriberia's comfortable, configurable, creative collaboration space. 
  • A Scriberia scribe in each session to capture your conversations visually
  • A large printed visual summary of the session to keep you on track until next time
  • Lunch at the cafe on site

What does it cost?

£10,000 + VAT. By booking a package of four sessions in the Inktank, you'll save 20% on the cost of four individually booked sessions.

What if I need more than four sessions?

No problem. The Inktank is also available to book for single sessions or multiple sessions of any number, so if you need more information or a bespoke quote, get in touch.