Guardian Sustainable Business Awards


This is the third year running we’ve created an animation to promote the Guardian Sustainable Business awards, which recognise the people and projects that have helped businesses thrive in a way that’s good both for profits and for the planet.

It’s a job we always look forward to – not least because whatever theme we develop also ends up forming the visual identity of the event itself. Special newspaper supplements carrying the artwork are published, tote bags are printed, the venue is dressed - even the food on the night is designed to reflect the animated visuals. Year one was all about fish striving for a cleaner fishtank and year two showed organic vegetables enjoying the glitz and glamour of an awards ceremony. This year’s focus was on the animals of the rainforest, though it’s fair to say we didn’t let ecological accuracy get in the way of a good storyboard… there was even a cow in there at one stage, though it didn’t make the final cut.

One of the advantages of a long term client relationship is that past successes tend to lead to a little more trust and creative freedom being given. Such was the case here, so we were able to push the colour palette and use of paper cutouts, which is something we’d been wanting to explore of a while.


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