Sussex by the sea


Preparing a bid to run a raft of energy-saving schemes across Sussex, with the aim of making £30 million in energy savings for residents over 20 years, Carillion came to us to help visualize the plan.

As with all of our rich picture projects, the process began with a consultation meeting at Scriberia HQ, with the Carillion team explaining the key features of the project to Dan, who asked some basic questions and sketched up a first draft of the image. That image was iterated over the next few days and, when the content was finally agreed, worked up into the final illustration.

It was announced in October 2013 that Carillion had been selected as the preferred bidder. They have a very strong track record of delivering large-scale energy programmes of this type, but we like to think it was the highly imaginative and engaging visual approach that tipped the balance in their favour!

Jon Chester, Bid Director for Carillion Local Government Services, certainly felt it was well worth getting us involved.

There were two really helpful things that we got from working with Scriberia. Firstly, getting the team to sit down and explain to a complete outsider the key features and benefits of our solution, in plain English, really focused our attention on what was important in our solution for the customer.

Secondly, we got to present those ideas in a really interesting way that engaged the customer and made our solution and its features truly memorable and demonstrated that we had listened and understood their requirements.


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