Street Life


Facilities management company Carillion were pitching an innovative regeneration scheme to a big city in the North West of England. Looking at particularly challenging areas of the city, they were proposing an approach which would generate roles and opportunities for the residents themselves. Over time, the skills and experience they developed, combined with overall positive changes to the area, would lead to big savings on health and policing spending. 

We illustrated this process as the life of a street over a period of seven years, from vandalised no-go-zone to leafy, aspirational neighbourhood, outlining the financial savings above the main image as they grew over time. We also needed to show the larger-scale regeneration efforts going on in the wider city, which we did by creating a split view, combining a view of the street and the city for each year.

For us, it was a great opportunity to develop a coherent world of characters and and break out a lovely full colour palette.


Hello, World!