Be prepared


Oxford Policy Management is a consultancy that uses its sizeable experience and brain-power to help low- and middle-income countries reduce poverty and disadvantage through public policy reform. Working with donor organisations, governments and NGOs, they have an incredible track record of helping countries around the world develop policy in areas such as health, education and social care to ensure better prospects for the people that live there.

In 2015 they got in touch as a long period of research into building capacity for disaster risk management was coming to a close. Funded in part by the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) and the Department for International Development in the UK, OPM were keen that the report was as engaging as possible and communicated to a broad international audience. So they challenged us to visualise the key findings of the report, which proved a tough but very rewarding job.

While it was tempting to depict the disasters themselves, the emphasis of the report was on the vital but rather less visual scenarios that precede and reduce the devastation of earthquakes, floods and so on. We needed to focus on the planning, the education and the infrastructure that would enable countries to reduce the impact of disaster on their society.

The illustrations did a good job of bringing the report to life, and were even turned into a short animation which has been shared widely by the Red Cross.