WFA Toronto

In the world of marketing and advertising, there's nothing more valuable than the ability to see patterns, discover trends and predict the future. So, we got to work at the scribing wall, capturing the clues as they emerged at the WFA's (World Federation of Advertisers) Global Marketer Conference in Toronto; an event that invites the industry's leading lights to share their insights on pivotal marketing trends.

Thanks to a programme packed with thought-provoking speakers, visualisers Matt and Rachel could have filled their wall ten times over with the cream of the content on the event's busy Twitter feed. 

Ivan Pollard, Senior Vice President of Coca-Cola, asked whether we're undervaluing the 'real world', and investing too much hope in digital. Lisa McKnight, Senior VP of Mattel, told the story of Barbie's cultural comeback. And James Milward, founder of Secret Location, explored the good, the bad, and the key steps to succeeding with VR marketing.

Stationed next to a bustling bar, the scribing wall stimulated many lively conversations. And it's fair to say that the groundbreaking ideas that emerged at the conference, were matched, we think, by Matt and Rachel's equally groundbreaking visual interpretations. After all, we're willing to bet you've never seen a T-Rex made of chipmunks before. 

If you'd like to know about our scribing service, take a look at some past projects or contact Emily.