Weaving a visual story for Cobweb

Cloud tech company, Cobweb, have been around since the cloud was a mere smudge on the horizon, with 2016 marking their 20th year in business. To celebrate, they asked us to plot their course to this landmark birthday with a bespoke mural for their office; an epic piece of visual storytelling. 

The Cobweb team kicked off the process with a visual thinking workshop, hosted by our Head of Academy, Sarah Manley. Though picking up pen and paper felt a little alien to some at first, the team took to the visual exercises quickly, and were soon using visual techniques to share their own stories and memories. 

Our visualiser Rachel had the task of organising this vast collection of content into a coherent design. Drafts were drawn and drawn again, until a final design was ready for inking at the Cobweb offices in Fareham, Hampshire. 

This epic mural took Rachel and fellow scribe, Sam, a day and a half to complete. But you can watch the whole process, here, squeezed into just two minutes! 

Cobweb's Mark Terry, who had previously worked with us on the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards animations, was particularly impressed with Rachel and Sam's attention to detail; managing to capture individual team members, moments from their visual thinking workshop, and the essence of Cobweb's culture. 

'One of the great things for me is that it brought the company together. I had expected it, to some extent, but not to the degree that it did,' he says. 'It brought key stakeholders together and I don't think you can really buy that.

'The final scribe is a real talking point, with so much detail to take in. It's been a really positive thing for both new and existing members of the team, and we're all really chuffed with the artwork. It's helped us celebrate the various things we've done, and serves as a reminder to us and our clients that, behind the brand, we are people.'

After the big reveal, Cobweb wasted no time in making the most of the mural, incorporating many of the illustrated assets in company leaflets and presentations, and committing key elements of the scribe to the walls of the company's stairwell. Proof that a piece of scribing, when executed with skill, care and craft, really is for life!