Violence against women and girls

Visual storytelling can be particularly powerful when it comes to topics that are tricky to talk about. A picture is a perfect way to break the ice. 

Scribing, then, was an ideal way to put everyone on the same page at the Women's Resource Centre's (WRC) 2017 conference on Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

Every year, around three million women and girls in the UK are affected by violence, which includes domestic violence, rape, forced marriage and female genital mutilation. The WRC's event invited women's organisations and London councils to discuss the changing landscape of VAWG-sector in the capital. And our scribe, Fiona, helped them plot a visual path to a violence-free future.

The day consisted of six talks, each followed by a Q&A. The morning agenda took a close look at housing, domestic violence and immigration, followed by discussions on mental health, sexual violence and cross-sector campaigning in the afternoon.

An interesting and varied panel, including leading figures from women's organisations, policy-making bodies and the NHS England, gave Fiona a wealth of content to capture. And she wasted no time putting Posca to paper, producing a beautiful and thorough visual summary of the challenges facing women and girls in the capital today.