Innovative approaches to youth crime

Resolve Consultants help their clients turn ideas into action through training and workshops.

They recently hosted a London-based workshop with the YOS (Youth Offending Service), to showcase the innovative approaches used across Hammersmith, Fulham, Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster to address the challenges of youth crime, and our scribe Mathieu went along to visualise their ideas.

The group looked at youth crime from a policing, community and young person’s perspective, sharing success stories as well as pinpointing areas for improvement. Mathieu managed to capture all the day’s content within a drawing of an urban neighbourhood, artfully housing the challenges and the successes side by side and giving them a real sense of place. The scribing really helped bring to life examples of where the YOS have successfully steered young people towards new paths of safety, and documented how these techniques could be rolled out to maximise prospects for London’s youth as a whole.

Luke Roberts, Managing Director at Resolve, says, 'The visual scribe became a focal point as the day went on and the picture became richer in both ideas and detail.

'The client I prepared the event for was delighted to have both a visual memory of the day and a focus point for discussion at a time when they were trying to reach out to new partners.

'Scriberia provided a great team who talked through ideas to help maximise the visual impact during the day and created a co-produced artefact for future reference by clients and partners.'

Mathieu's scribe has since been used to as a starting point for further discussions on collaborative  work with new partners.