We’ve been working with conflict resolution specialists Resolve for the last two years on projects with young people in Cookham Wood, Feltham, Medway, Werrington and Wetherby. MD Luke Roberts’ main focus is creating a sustainable model of conflict resolution (CR).

Each youth estate (comprising young offender institutions, secure children's homes and secure training centres) has its own conflict resolution team which is putting Luke's CR techniques into practice. Our scribe Lauren has been accompanying Luke into the estates and visually capturing group discussions around the topic of conflict and resolution. The groups have been discussing issues such as what conflict looks like, what causes it, how it makes them feel as well as gang structure, culture and violence. This year, the focus has been on the young people’s point of view and their own understanding of conflict resolution and what they should and can deal with themselves. Lauren’s job has been to listen and draw these intimate discussions in a sensitive manner.

We say:

Lauren says, “It’s important that I keep the drawings anonymous (no names and likenesses) and I have to draw in a way that captures their point of view honestly.” She adds, “The young people react really positively to the scribing and like seeing their stories and point of view being drawn live in front of them. “I find this series of work incredibly satisfying. I have instant positive feedback from the young people. It feels good to be apart of a project which is trying to make positive change.”

They say:

Working with the Scriberia Team has added a different dimension to my work. They have been able to manage the rich information coming from the array of stakeholders I work with whilst giving clear and concise overviews of the process and systems Resolve Consultants work with. They are always collaborative and accommodating, which means I know I am going to achieve excellent results though their visual work. The feedback from this experience has been impressive and helped promote the internal brand through such a unique process. I would like to recommend them but don’t want everyone to use such a fantastic team...
— Luke Roberts, Managing Director, Resolve

Cookham Wood