A project fit for a prince, this has to be one of the most surreal events Scriberia worked on in 2018 – surreal and exciting in equal measure. Pitch@Palace, an initiative founded in 2014 by The Duke of York, sees entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to an influential audience, judged by His Royal Highness.

Pitch@Palace asked us to scribe the key milestones of its extraordinary journey since its inception at an event at Buckingham Palace, attended by 42 entrepreneurs from across the UK. Naturally, we were pleased to don our best suits and sharpen our quills.

They Say:

We Say:

Well we never expected to be walking straight up the path of Buckingham Palace to be met by a butler (we figured we’d be at the tradesman’s entrance at best). We’d met with the client six months before the event and were delighted by how open and excited they were about trying new things. We discussed how we could both communicate the Pitch@Palace story while engaging the live audience and providing lasting assets that could be repurposed in follow up communications.

Two weeks before the event it was all systems go. We were revising our plan for the artwork right up until the evening before the event, matching the client's dark blue brand colours to create a striking backdrop so that the white lines could pop in the dark setting of the event space.

On the day, the buzz was electric. Entrepreneurs were practising their speeches in the corridors, sweating and telling themselves to remember to breathe. With help from the events team, we carefully laid down protective matting to protect the very expensive carpets and moved several ornaments from around our working area – nerve-wracking to say the least. Our team had bought suits and shoes especially for the occasion and it must be the smartest we've ever scribed. We’re pretty pleased with the results. Why not have a look here and see what you think?

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