Future Focused Finance

NHS Future Focused Finance (FFF) is about improving NHS finance for everyone. In 2018 the FFF’s Future Leadership Council refreshed its strategic aim and objectives and is now actively working to develop a diverse, appropriately skilled, adaptable and resilient finance function and workforce to ensure value for money and quality services for patients. We were asked to scribe its diversity and inclusion conference in Birmingham in November 2018. The conference saw policy leaders and champions of diversity from within the NHS and commercial sector come together.

We say:

On the day our scribe Matt was tasked with getting the entire event down on paper, including the keynote speech from June Sarpong, who was talking about her book, Diversify: Six Degrees Of Integration. The broad topic was inclusivity and engagement. “I really enjoyed this job as it was geared towards a compassionate subject matter and seemed to have more value than just numbers,” says Matt, whose drawings attracted lots of attention throughout the event.

They say:

“From initial contact through to the day of the event, the team at Scriberia were friendly and professional, and also completely clear on how the process works and what we could expect as the final product. Matt, the artist on the day, was fantastic. His talent and style of illustration is excellent and on the day of the event, everyone in the room was completely fascinated by his work and were keen to take photos, suggest ideas for content and engage with him throughout the day. It was a real conversation starter for networking during the breaks, and we had lots of feedback post-event about the piece of work and how fabulous it was. The finished scribe captured the theme of the day perfectly with key messages highlighted across the piece.”

There were many speakers and presentations on the day, however Matt seemed to effortlessly keep up with the pace of the day and capture everything beautifully. We now showcase the digital “poster” proudly on our website and have shared externally as part of our post-event work.
— Grace Lovelady, Programme Manager, NHS Future-Focused Finance