More than words

We’ve been working with Collins English Dictionary since 2014, when we animated the launch of its twelfth edition. Since then we’ve animated the annual Word Of The Year announcements. So we were delighted when they came to us for help with the 2018 launch.

And there were some beautiful new words in there. Flossing made the cut, much to our joy, as did single-use, slactivism and plogging (in case you don’t know, that’s jogging while picking up litter).

It's amazing to think we hadn't even heard of Fake News or Brexit back when we started working with Harper Collins – what wonderfully stable, civilised days they now seem! But despite all the political madness, our work with the dictionary team has been a regular source of fun. We're always really grateful to be given the opportunity to be humorous and topical (as we think that’s one of the things we’re particularly good at) and it's been brilliant to see the work going down a storm on social media.

They say:

The animations enabled us to take what can be a quite dry or serious subject matter and inject it with some life, using interesting animation and graphics, to encourage engagement and sharing. Scriberia were always willing to change and adapt ideas to hit the right tone.
— Rachel Quin, Marketing Manager, Harper Collins

We say:

From bringing 100-year-old dictionaries back to life, through to animating the zombie-like dance moves of Theresa May, the whole process was a lexicographical delight from start to finish. As this behind-the-scenes video clearly shows, we had as much fun animating the 13th edition of the Collins English Dictionary as we did the 12th.