Leading Design

Scriberia digital scribing leading design

Leading Design brings together a community of design leaders from around the world for a three-day conference, organised by design studio Clearleft. Creative leaders from some of the world’s best known companies are invited to share their experiences of finding talent, building culture and structuring teams.

And this year’s conference was too good to miss, with representatives from the likes of Spotify, Skype and Google Ventures coming together to share their top tips for becoming better design leaders.

We’re always excited to hear how companies foster creativity in the workplace, and so our visualiser Jess went along for two days of sketchnoting. It’s safe to say she worked her inky fingers to the bone, producing a beautiful set of sketchnotes for each of the day’s talks.

Her hard work paid off, causing quite the stir both at the conference and on social media during and after the event. The sketchnoting movement within the design community has really blossomed in recent years, and it was clear there was plenty of appreciation for Jess’ efforts. And such the response goes to show that visual capture doesn’t have to be large in scale to make a big impact.