Intelligence Shared

Cifas invite organisations from the private, public and charity sectors to join together to fight fraud and financial crime through shared intelligence.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, they asked us to design a mural that captured the story of their growth over the years, to be painted in the reception of their new offices in Euston.

The Cifas team are proud of having formed an organisation which encourages co-operation between businesses that wouldn't ordinarily work together. The mural had to reflect their strong sense of community, as well as tracking their major milestones over the years. And of course, it needed to set the right tone for visitors arriving at their offices too.

The final mural, designed and illustrated by Jess, uses a circuit board as a visual metaphor to represent the flow of information and knowledge across their community.

They say:

We wanted a way to keep the company’s history alive. After looking at Scriberia’s work, visual storytelling seemed the best way of doing so. The final mural is a constant source of conversation, it makes for a fun and interesting icebreaker for visitors and re-enforces our roots as a company.
— Alan McNamara, Chief Business Officer, Cifas

We say:

We're always keen to promote the power of collaboration. So it was great to work with an organisation that gets all kinds of companies, and even competitors, working together towards a common interest. Cifas are a great example of how problem solving and ideas generation are far more effective when we cooperate with one another.