Protect the Antarctic

When you think of the Antarctic, you may not think of it as being colourful and full of life. But that was precisely what Greenpeace wanted us to convey when they approached us to work on their Protect The Antarctic campaign.

In the run-up to a crucial conference on the future of the Antarctic seas, Greenpeace commissioned an animation that would help to highlight the devastating impact of krill fishing on the Antarctic food web, which threatens the existence of everything from Adelie penguin to great whales. The animation would play an important part in their campaign to drive signatories to a petition for the creation of the largest protected area on Earth - an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.

We say:

The brief was to create a short but spectacular animation that would drive campaign engagement, particularly among perpetual scrollers on social media. It needed to work without a voiceover, and in multiple languages, so required a simple and succinct script that would appear on screen.

As well as being a piece of work we’re extremely proud of, the animation became one of the best-performing animations Greenpeace has ever issued.

They say:

For our Protect the Antarctic campaign, we approached Scriberia to help us create an animation that would allow us to tell a story about 'krill' - a tiny creature that sustains the Antarctic ecosystem -  that we were struggling to effectively communicate with real footage.

Working with Scriberia was a pleasure. We had a tight schedule and many requirements. The animation needed to not only look beautiful but also be accurate, succinct and inspire action. The team at Scriberia were brilliant at bringing the brief to life, listening to us and implementing our feedback. They offered us a very creative solution and response to this tricky comms challenge. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 17.03.47.png