EFF Week

EffWeek is an annual week of events bringing together marketers, executives, agencies, media organisations and industry bodies to explore everything about effective marketing. It’s organised by EffWorks, a long-term, global, and not-for-profit initiative organised by the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising). And it stands to reason that an organisation like this would recognise the importance of visual assets.

We’ve been involved in the event for the last three years, delivering a series of fresh, engaging images which capture the key points in a social-media friendly way. At this year’s event, our scribes grabbed soundbites and turned them into instantly-shareable nuggets as well as (what we hope will be) enduring illustrations for blog posts and web copy.

We say:

It's always exciting to see our artwork shared, especially in the lead up to an event like this. EffWorks’ editor Laura is always very open to us being as creative as possible with the style and content and the bright, blocky branding is a joy to work with for the scribes, helping to break up the line work and make the artwork really punchy. Because the event is quite fast-paced, this is a great way for our team to adapt how they work digitally to fit a brief and create a suite of shareable assets. The client’s openness and enthusiasm means we are able to develop our working methods without restrictions.

They say:

I do social media across the year and a lot of the content we produce comes from the event so we have themes that continue. To have the quirky, colourful illustrations that I can use on social media and on the website, in articles (pretty much anywhere I can!) is an absolute gift.
— Laura Woodroffe, Editor, EffWorks