Box clever scribing at Eurobest 2016

Eurobest is an annual festival of European creativity, which celebrates and rewards creative excellence in creative communications, advertising and related fields in Europe. Being European, creative and (some would say) excellent, we were delighted to return to Eurobest for the second year running and treat this discerning crowd to some 'next level' scribing. 

With every job that comes our way, we seek opportunities to offer something fresh. But, knowing how much the folks of Eurobest prize creative innovation, we seized the opportunity to think outside of the box (allow us this cliché, it's relevant!). We pulled together a team of scribes, Lauren and Sam, and illustrator Rupert, and set them the task of building a physical wall of content on a stack of cardboard boxes.


Scriberia's creative director, Dan Porter, explains: 'We knew Eurobest was the perfect place to push ourselves to new creative heights. So, we came up with the concept of the wall of boxes, and enlisted the help of Rupert, whose elegant portraiture brought a new dimension to our style. 

'By scribing on boxes, the scribes created a modular wall, which gave them the flexibility to arrange and rearrange ideas as the content emerged.'

There was no shortage of fantastic content to capture from speakers including Madonna Badger of Badger & Winters, who is leading a campaign to change the way advertisers talk to women, Colin Byrne of Weber Shandwick, Nicky Bullard of MRM-Meteorite and many more. So, over the course of three days, wall grew to a scale that suited the grand proportions of Rome's Palazzo Barberini, this year's breathtaking venue.