Emerge '16

The University of Oxford has a long and distinguished history of debate, in which the brightest minds of their generation interrogate the issues of the day and challenge the status quo.

And it was in this great tradition that Emerge, a conference for students, entrepreneurs and organisations to engage with ideas for a more socially and environmentally responsible world, debated the following proposition: “This house believes that government involvement constrains social innovation”.

And a contentious proposition it was, provoking wide and varied debate from both sides. As a panel of innovators and entrepreneurs from the worlds of charity, tech, education, medical and government sectors locked horns, Scriberia’s very own Pearl Law was there to sketchnote all of the highlights.

The vote eventually concluded that ‘This house does not believe government involvement constrains social innovation’. And you'll have to cast your eyes over Pearl's superb sketchnotes to find out why!