Royal Society

What does the future of research and the science system look like?

This was the question posed at a fascinating one-day research conference with the Royal Society. And our scribes Stef and Samang were on site, poscas in hand, to capture all of the answers.

Not professing to be scientists, they both did a fantastic job at visualising all of the main points from the conference. They covered everything from research and recognition to dissemination and the public good, all contained within a beautifully entwining structure. And it's safe to say that they impressed the crowds, inspiring a great response on Twitter:

@drgroen: Incredibly awesome graphic summary of #RSsciculture -sketched and drawn live as the day progressed by @scriberian

@the_Node: So, so cool! Thanks @scriberian #RSsciculture

@morenorse: @scriberian amazing #sketchnotes - in awe ;-)

And our favourite from @paulcoxon: @scriberian @royalsociety I'm seriously considering only attending conferences if there is a cartoonist in residence 😄

We agree, no conference is complete without a visualiser on site. And we were delighted to receive such a positive response to our final scribe, which has now taken pride of place in their Director’s office. We hope it helps the RS team work towards a brilliant future for scientific research.