New Model Institute

NMiTE (New Model in Technology & Engineering) is set to be Britain’s first new university for 30 years, with a curriculum specialising in engineering, technology and science. And this university isn’t like any other – it plans to abandon lifeless lectures and tedious theory, introducing in their place a hands-on-approach with practical learning.

They recently asked us to produce some fun and playful illustrations and gifs for their launch website. We had a great time animating wind tunnels, robotic spiders and mechanical tea-stirrers, and we think the website is a great reflection of the university’s innovative approach to learning.

Karen Usher, co-project leader at NMiTE says, ‘We handed Dan and his team at Scriberia the ultimate challenge - please help us to design a website for something that doesn’t yet exist. In our case, that was a university in the making and we needed something that would speak to potential funders, faculty, students, and supporters. With no buildings, no people, and no operations, Dan and his team were successfully able to create a great vision of where we are heading - quirky, exciting and different. The website has been a huge part of starting to develop our brand.’

We’re glad we could be a part of their exciting launch and are eagerly anticipating the government awarding NMiTE with the funding it needs to open its doors and bring a new way of learning to the UK.