Green and pleasant land use

In 2040, this green and pleasant land, and others all over Europe, could be transformed by new approaches to land use. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh’s VOLANTE project are dedicated to exploring the options and determining the best approach. And they tasked Scriberia’s illustrators with drawing each one, so that they could share their futuristic visions with their stakeholders. 

‘Engaging stakeholders is becoming increasing important for applied science projects, particularly when the outputs of research can impact directly on society,’ says James Paterson of the Land Use Research Group. ‘The future of land use in Europe, is an issue that touches the lives of everyone from farmers to tourists to policy-makers. 

‘Throughout the project we have involved a diverse group of stakeholders to develop their own visions, and we needed a simple and effective method of displaying them’

The collaboration ran smoothly and the resulting work exceeded expectations. ‘Scriberia listened to our needs, suggested ideas and interpreted our detailed vision descriptions to produce three gloriously rich and punchy drawings that encapsulate the depth and breadth of the stakeholder ideas,’ says James. ‘We'll be back for more!’