Adaptation Scotland

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Adaptation Scotland provide advice and support to ensure that Scotland is prepared for, and resilient to, the impacts of climate change. In 2013, they got in touch with us about an exciting new project, to be funded by the Scottish Government and Sniffer.

The team at Adaptation Scotland noticed that, although there was an increase of information on the risks of climate change in Scotland, much of the information was littered across a wide range of sources and sectors, making it difficult for the general public to access.

So, they decided to embark on a project to create a set of interactive visuals that would clearly and coherently communicate the key climate change impacts identified for Scotland, and the adaptation measures that could contribute to a ‘climate-ready’ Scotland. This would then create a central resource for a broad audience to refer to.

And in order to make the visuals resonate with the Scottish public, it was paramount that the final product looked and felt like Scotland. So, our Creative Directors Dan and Chris travelled up north to start sketching.

They were given six different settings to split between them; uplands, lowlands, coastal, industrial, suburbs and city. They visited real locations for each of the landscapes, and these were used as the basis of their sketches. A team of expert stakeholders went along with them, including university academics, architects and scientists, to provide them with accurate and detailed content for the visuals.

Each landscape had to be drawn in micro-detail, and Dan and Chris worked closely with their teams of experts to make sure all of the crucial facts were included. This level of detail forced the experts to confront some truly difficult questions; in the wake of climate change, which species, buildings and landscapes will be too expensive to realistically maintain? What would have to be lost? And what effect would this have on the economy and people’s way of life?

Managing the input of multiple stakeholders, and consolidating their views in sketches drawn in real time, made for a demanding day for the Scriberia team. But it also made for some really rich, engaging and valuable conversations, and the end result was something each expert felt they had a hand in.

So, after a long day, Dan and Chris headed back down to London with the sketches complete. They documented six different types of environment, and included a visual for the un-adapted present-day landscape, alongside a second version showing the landscape with adaption measures in place. The visuals go into meticulous detail, with 20/25 key points within each, covering everything from soil to flooding to erosion.

These sketches were animated into interactive visuals, and Fieldwork then helped to build the website. Each visual has small pop-up boxes with short and easy-to-digest explanations.

We really enjoyed working with such an interesting client on such an important project. And we hope the interactive visuals get people thinking about and adjusting to a climate-ready Scotland.