Word of the Year

Binge-watch, dad bod, Corbynomics… do keep up! If you don’t know what any of these words mean, it’s time that you updated your vocabulary.

You can start by keeping your eye on the Collins’ dictionary’s Word of the Year competition, in which new words that have found their way into common parlance are nominated for inclusion in the latest edition of the dictionary.

In recent years, it has been our great pleasure to create a series of fun and shareable animated gifs, explaining the top contenders. We've had enormous fun illustrating everything from 'hangry' to 'bridezilla', as well as producing a frankly bonkers animated scribe for them in 2015.

And year after year, we're at the edge of our seats awaiting the winner's big reveal. 2014’s winning word, ‘photobomb’, gave way to 2015’s ‘binge-watch’… and as the competition hots up for a place in the 2016 edition, our gifs will, once again, help the public decide amongst the nominees. Could it be ‘hygge’, ‘Trumpism’, ‘mic drop’ or ‘Brexit’? If we've learned anything about 2016 so far, it's that anything is possible.