60 Second Climate Fix

The 60 Second Climate Fix series was precisely the sort of brief we love to get our teeth into. Not only did it give us plenty of scope for packing a visual punch, but it was also a chance to prove our long-held theory that animation has an important role to play in the future of digital news media.

Each explainer animation brings to life questions about climate change that are typically tackled with dense and lofty articles. Is the world finally ready to tackle climate change? Can the sun cool down the earth? And do you really have to be a vegan to fix the climate? We’ve got all the answers in our animations and we promise they won't make your brain hurt.

Central to the Guardian's #keepitintheground campaign, these minute-long, highly graphic animations were also highly impactful on social media, YouTube and beyond. Reaching a global audience of millions, we watched with glee as they sparked lively political and philosophical debate all over the internet.