Power to the people!

From wind farms to solar panels, sustainable sources of energy are important for the future of our planet. But unfortunately, the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine according to our energy needs. So, in times of peak demand, how will sustainable power sources cope?

Researchers from the University of Oxford are seeking answers with a new project called ‘METER’. Led by Dr Philipp Grünewald, the study invites thousands of households around the UK to track their energy usage second by second. In light of this data, the Oxford boffins will gain insight into how to nudge people’s energy use away from peak times.

We work regularly with Oxford Sparks, the team tasked with bringing the important scientific research happening at Oxford to a wider audience. And we were delighted that they asked us animate such an important topic. Our animators Angie and Amy used a mixture of handmade props, and digital animation to create this engaging film. Lead researcher on the project, Dr Philipp Grunewald was delighted with the results:

Your animation for the Meter project is an incredibly beautiful piece of work. Everybody loves it and it has been super successful in recruiting participants for the study. The imagery works just wonderfully and created a whole new identity for the project.
— Dr Phillipp Grunewald, lead researcher, Meter Project, University of Oxford

We hope the animation inspires you to track your energy footprint, and you can volunteer for the project here.

You can find more of our animations over at the Oxford Sparks website.