Just Tuna

The global tuna industry is out of control. It is emptying our oceans of fish, harming other marine life and exploiting workers in shocking ways.

Although British supermarkets have made huge strides in ensuring the transparency of the supply chains used for own-brand tins, they continue to find shelf space for some of the biggest names and dirtiest reputations in the tuna industry. 

When Greenpeace launched their #JustTuna campaign, they aimed to use consumer power to bring them to justice and force them to change. They commissioned us to produce an animation that would bring the dirty practices of some well-known brands to the attention of supermarket shoppers, urging them to make an ethical choice at the checkout. 

The brief demanded a powerful treatment: Simple white-on-black imagery, that moves with fluidity from scene to scene, evoking the ocean and the dark secrets that can lurk behind the label.