Century of the Mind

Danish pharmaceutical company Lundbeck, which specialises in the research and development of treatments for psychiatric and neurological disorders, celebrated its centenary in 2015. 

The birthday was marked at a number of events, but perhaps the most significant was its annual conference in Copenhagen, which provided the perfect opportunity for present employees to be inspired by the company’s past and excited to be part of its future. 

Scriberia played a huge part in making this event a memorable one. Full details of our involvement can be read about in this case study, but central to our involvement was this animation, which kicked off the event in stirring style with an emotive story on a cinematic scale. The poignant narrative, tracking one boy’s journey growing up with mental health issues in his family, was shown to the conference guests on a 20 metre wide screen, resulting in a really immersive experience.

“The introductory video has become a part of Lundbeck’s 100th birthday celebrations, and has been shared widely with our affiliates,” said Lundbeck’s Head of Events, Martin Jensen. “The animated elements are a great and easily shared document of a landmark event in Lundbeck’s history."