It's hard to imagine a more magical brief than the one we received from Pottermore, ahead of the highly anticipated launch of the eighth Potter story: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

To create a series of animated GIFs, celebrating key moments in JK Rowling's extraordinary Potter saga, as well as some richly illustrated, mobile friendly timelines depicting a couple of Hogwarts' most dramatic episodes, which can be seen below.

While being our very great pleasure to work with such fantastic material on this important campaign, we also felt a great weight of responsibility to the millions of devoted Potter fans worldwide who would go on to watch and share our work across social media.  

The project was delivered in a style that was both a natural fit with the Potter brand, and, at the same time, able to bring a freshness and an excitement to the retelling of these well-loved stories.

20 years after the release of the first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, those who have grown up with Potter now inhabit a truly digital world. We like to think of these GIFs as the perfect digital tributes to the most wonderful of wizarding tales.