Most Contagious

Every December, our friends at Contagious put on a spectacular event in London to present the year’s most imaginative, innovative and insightful examples of marketing from around the world. With Contagious’ own their stellar team of experts in consumer culture at the fore, Most Contagious is positioned right at the cutting edge - a virtually unmissable event for anyone serious about brands and advertising.

Our relationship with Contagious stretches right back to when Scriberia was but a couple of guys and a bag of pens. They’ve consistently given us opportunities to show how our own brand of visual content can make messages more engaging and sharable – we’ve scribed in their workshops, provided imagery for their magazine and created animations and live illustrations for their high profile presentations at Cannes. So getting involved in Most Contagious 2014 was a no-brainer for us.

We hit Most Contagious with the full Scriberia skillset. We made an animated sting to ease the transitions between presentations, provided reportage illustrations of the speakers and audience and delivered digital visual summaries of each of the day’s four sessions. But undoubtedly the highlight was the wall of scribing we created in the exhibition area of the conference.

Positioned outside of the main auditorium, we relied on Twitter to bring us our content, building up a picture of the day that reflected the experience and the highlights of the Most Contagious audience by pulling together the best of their social media activity. As we've seen before, people love to see their tweets illustrated, and usually respond by firing snaps of the illustration back out into the Twittersphere too, completing a sort of visually-charged virtuous circle.

Contagious Head of Events, Arianna Radji, confirmed, "People went nuts for the Scriberia wall on Twitter. I think it was definitely a highlight of the event."