Ireland 1912-1916: An Animated History from Home Rule to Easter Rising

The years leading up to the rebellion against British rule in Ireland in April 1916 were marked by significant political, cultural and military developments in Ireland and throughout Europe. And Scriberia have been working with Century Ireland to create this animated summary of the events preceding the Easter Rising, launched to coincide with its 100th anniversary. 

Taking his inspiration from the political cartoons of the time, as well as from the more recent work of the French illustrator, Christophe Blain, our animator, Matias, set a rich visual scene.

The weight of information carried by his illustrations throughout the five-minute film made close collaboration with the project's historians vital, to ensure its factual accuracy and sensitivity to the content.  

The finished animation was aired at Easter Weekend by Irish national broadcaster, RTE,  to mark the Rising's centenary, and is featured as part of this Century Ireland online exhibition.