Mangrove mission

Frontier, a non-profit conservation organisation dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity, are seeking to regenerate the world’s fast-depleting mangrove forests and raise awareness of their importance to marine habitats.

Mangroves have many amazing properties and benefits for their surrounding ecosystems and coastal communities. These salt-tolerant trees and shrubs found in tropical and subtropical areas not only act as a natural defence against extreme weather, and help to maintain water quality, but they also support livelihoods for thousands of coastal communities through the sustainable harvest of timber, charcoal and firewood.

But, sadly, mangroves are among the most endangered ecosystems on the planet. More than a third of the world’s mangroves have already been destroyed and the rest are disappearing fast.

Determined to change the fate of mangrove forests worldwide, Frontier asked for our help in illustrating the important issue to their supporters. Our scribe, Matt, produced a beautiful and especially colourful infographic-style illustration, highlighting the key points made in Frontier’s accompanying article. It's a truly hardworking picture that does well to summarise and simplify a message that urgently needs to be heard.