On the grid

National Grid connects consumers across the country to energy sources through its gas and energy networks. Always looking for new ways to improve client-facing areas, they asked us to help them visualise a front office of the future: one that offered a more flexible and efficient customer experience.

Creative Director, Chris, met with their information and communications team to explore and map new ideas for an improved infrastructure. And as the team talked about family and the importance of different departments working together under one roof, it became clear that the structure of a house was the perfect way to organise and contain their new vision.

Using pillars to represent the foundations of the front office, and different rooms to show how departments would work alongside each other, they created a new vision for customer experience.

To this Chris added some annotations, giving the visual an additional layer of valuable detail, and greater power as a tool for clear communication.

The final rich picture houses a detailed and rather beautiful vision of the National Grid’s future front office. And, true to our hard-working pictures principle, the team have used it internally, as part of presentations and, in print-form, at external events.