Better call Saul

Saul Klein has had a truly inspiring career as a leading light on the European tech scene, as an entrepreneur, a VC and a mentor.

As a founding exec at Skype, and Lovefilm (later acquired by Amazon), he has a wealth of hard-earned wisdom to share on the subject of building superstar start-ups; wisdom he decided to share in a blog post on the online publishing platform Medium.

When Klein left his position at Index Ventures after eight years, they wanted to thank and commend him for all of his energetic contributions. And, so, they asked our scribe, Lauren, to illustrate his inspirational blog post for posterity - honouring Saul and inspiring the next generation of tech superstars with his incredible story.

The result: 20 years’ worth of invaluable insight, summarised and visualised in unforgettable style. Lauren's final sketch is a timeline packed full with memories and milestones, perfectly reflecting Klein's journey in great detail. We hope that our visual story provides inspiration and entrepreneurial drive to all budding start-ups out there!