Analyse this!

We can well imagine that on joining a huge firm like Deloitte, graduate recruits might benefit from a little navigational assistance. So, our long-standing clients asked us to produce a visual representation of their graduate pathway – the journey that the new September intake embark upon every year.

This project followed the classic pattern of our tried and tested rich picture process. The client team attended a work session here at the Scriberia studio, where a rough sketch was created on the wall as the scope and detail of the project was discussed. And after a couple of tweaks here and there, that sketch was used as the blueprint for the final design.

The finished artwork is a detailed yet simple resource to support and guide the Deloitte graduates. The pathway depicts all the structured learning and formal events that the Deloitte graduates will experience during the scheme, as well as the skills and capabilities they'll develop en route to becoming fully-fledged consultants two years later. We hope it serves the graduates as a trusty visual guidebook towards success on their journey.