Women in motorsport

The FIA Women in Motorsport Commission’s core principles are to encourage, support and promote women in all aspects of motorsport. Every four years, they organise a ‘Women in Motorsport’ event to share knowledge and identify new opportunities for women in the sport. Our visualiser, Rachel, was scribing at the 2016 seminar in Lisbon.

The aim, among the delegates from 43 countries, was to end the day with a set of clear and achievable targets to work towards in the next four years. And to help them arrive at this point, they took part in a number of interactive workshops throughout the day, where they focused on improving access for women to officiate, volunteer and compete in motorsport, as well as generating better media coverage of female drivers.

Rachel’s race track structure proved a useful way to organise and summarise their ideas, so that a final plan of action could be formed in the second-half of the session. As well as providing a wealth of fantastic content for Rachel to work with, she says it was a total pleasure to work in such a positive and inspiring atmosphere.