The future of work is human

What will work look like in the future, and more importantly, how will we humans fit in? Recent years have seen rapid change in the world of work, from self-service machines to the invasion of screens, and the pace of change is unlikely to slow down any time soon.

So Jericho Chambers – ‘part consultancy, part think-tank, part members club’ – in partnership with the CIPD, the unprofessional body for HR and people development, hosted an ‘un-seminar’ to get to grips with the possibilities.

Our scribe, Rachel, had a wealth of great content to work with, capturing presentations and provocations from a roster of high-profile guests, including TV presenter Adrian Chiles, Tristram Hunt MP, and chair of Stonewall, Jan Gooding.

Each speaker came with their own insightful ideas about out shifting work culture, covering universal basic income, reformed pay and bonuses and the economic benefits of valuing diversity, to name a few. And, so, it’s probably not worth worrying about robots stealing your job just yet – their visions suggest that the future of work very much remains to be human.