Innovation in live animation

Digital scribing live animation Lundbeck Scriberia

In 2015, global pharmaceutical company, Lundbeck, challenged us to create a brand new visual experience for their annual conference in Copenhagen.

In their centenary year, the conference was an opportunity to celebrate the success of the last century and an opportunity to look ahead at the exciting projects of the future. It was crucial, then, that we brought something new and innovative to the event.

Head of global congress and event management, Martin Jensen, explains: 'When we started to plan the event, we felt strongly that it should reflect our forward-thinking as a company, and our position at the cutting edge of what we do. The communication throughout needed to be consistent, coherent, and relevant in the digital age.’

And this is where our digital communication services stood out from the rest.

We worked closely with the Lundbeck team from the early planning stages, and were closely involved with the event’s planning and execution. This allowed to tailor our services to their specific requirements, and develop a detailed proposal. It included a short animation to introduce delegates to the event, live digital scribing capturing the three-day event and projected onto a vast screen in the main event space, and, lastly, a world first (as far as we know), a live animation from the digitally scribed content.

Our Creative Director Chris Wilson says, ‘Lundbeck gave us the opportunity to push ourselves to our technical limits and the work we produced for them represents a genuine innovation in the live event sphere – we’re really proud of that.’

The project’s success relied on excellent communication between our animation team, Lundbeck, partners and stakeholders.

‘Despite the geographical distance between us, we formed a strong relationship with Scriberia’s London team in the lead up to the event,’ says Martin Jensen. ‘They understood what we wanted to achieve, why it was important to achieve it, and they worked hard to find a way to make it happen. Seeing the animated scribe playing on screen as the conference closed, just exactly as I’d imagined it…it was a great moment.’

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