Barclays Travel Forum

Barclays Travel Forum is an annual event that invites travel sector professionals to a series of talks and discussions about the shape and direction of the industry.

In its eleventh year, more than 250 attendees enjoyed a programme of panel sessions, interviews and presentations held in the British Museum’s theatre. And we were there too, on behalf of Barclays, to capture all of the content live as it aired. While half of the team worked with pens and paper scribed the bigger picture, the other half worked on iPads to produce a set of digital images.

The final pieces of digital scribing are succinct and shareable snippets from the day, highlighting the most insightful quotes and memorable moments from the day’s main speakers. These included Managing Director of London Barclays Corporate, Richard Lowe, director at Silver Travel, Debbie Marshall, and former CEO of the Football Association, Alex Horne.

Covering everything from consumer confidence to multi-generational holidays to identity fraud, these digital gems were designed with a Twitter audience and hashtag in mind, making them the perfect way to circulate the day’s content on social media and beyond.