Valuable and visualised

If you want to get your message heard on social media’s noisy streams, it’s essential to explore new and innovative ways to win the attention of your desired audience. And while this isn’t always the easiest of tasks, we believe that sharing compelling, informative and thought-provoking visuals is a sure way to put you on the right track.

This in mind, we were delighted when asked to produce some eye-catching and shareable infographics for Barclay’s social channels. Their content covered everything from digital payment processes to risk mitigation, and we worked closely with their social team to design a set of clear and coherent visual stories. And we think the end results are certainly worthy of both re-tweet and like (if we do say so ourselves).

Bypassing tricky character limits, infographics are the perfect way to communicate a wealth of information quickly and memorably to a digital audience (we challenge you to explain the economies of China, India and the U.S. in 140 characters). Which leads us to conclude that valuable information visualised really is priceless.