Travellers' tales

Travellers’ Tales is a collaboration between Royal Museums Greenwich and four partner museums, examining the fascinating history of exploration from the Enlightenment era to today.

In 2014, they invited a number of scholars, artists, scientists, explorers and museum professionals to host a series of events across the country. And we were lucky enough to get our names on the invite list, too, to visualise their programme at the National Maritime Museum.

Our highlight from the event was the Lost in Translation seminar, which featured a fascinating talk from botanical artist Lucy Smith, followed by some inspiring words from Lisa Pook, who is set to be the first woman to walk to the Pole of Inaccessibility.

In a series of beautifully executed sketchnotes, our scribes captured their thoughts on the best ways for explorers to communicate their purpose and progress to people back at home.

And we were particularly inspired by Lucy Smith’s own dedication to illustration as a powerful means of sharing her discoveries. She also brought to our attention the amazing work of Sydney Parkinson, who produced the very first drawings of Australia’s wildlife in the 1700s.

So, remember: If you're packing for an expedition, don't forget your sketchpad and pencil!