Clerkenwell Design Week

One of the many brilliant things about scribing is that, while it feels like a refreshing antidote to the most modern means of communication – like cave painting in a 21st century setting – it also lends itself beautifully to cutting-edge digital technologies.

At Scriberia, we love an opportunity to push scribing and graphic facilitation into new and unchartered territories, and we embrace the techniques and technologies that best enable us, and our clients, to share the product of a day’s scribing with a wider audience.

So when Bene, the renowned specialists in office design, invited us to Clerkenwell Design Week to help them showcase their brand new Nice Wall, we pretty much bit their hands off.

Bene's Nice Wall is a continuous, frameless, interactive digital wall designed for use in workspaces. Teams can gather around it to define, refine, present and share their ideas, visually. Every office should have one, as far as we’re concerned!

Scriberia are peerless in their innate understanding of – and ability to demonstrate – the power of visual thinking. It made perfect sense for us to collaborate with them using the Nice Wall, and we really look forward to working with them again.
— Stephen Block, Marketing Manager UK & Ireland, Bene

But, for the purposes of introducing the Nice Wall to Bene’s showroom visitors, our scribe, Lauren, used it to document the many highlights of Clerkenwell Design Week. Gathering content from several streams, including the live event itself, the associated twitter hashtag, and direct feedback from the visitors, Lauren built up a comprehensive picture of the festival, in spectacular digital form.

But to prove that you don’t need to be a professional artist to make the most of the Nice Wall, she also worked alongside visitors as they tried their hands at a spot of digital scribing, too.

‘Bene had a fantastic time working with Scriberia during this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week,’ says marketing manager, Stephen Block, Bene’s man on the ground. ‘Our festival activity proved to be very successful with so many visitors inspired and amazed by our scribe, Lauren’s, rapid and ingenious translation of ideas into illustrations.

The final illustration, created entirely on Bene's Nice Wall.