UCL-Japan Young Challenge

The UCL-Japan Young Challenge is a summer school for pre-university students from the UK and Japan. It hopes to increase awareness of the main international issues facing our future, whilst also developing students’ communication skills. We had a great time scribing at their workshop last year, and were delighted to return for 2016’s thought-provoking programme.

 This year’s topic was ‘Humanity in Disasters’. Students took part in a variety of activities across the 7-day programme, culminating with the Grand Challenge workshop on the final day. Our scribe Jess was asked to attend the workshop and visualise the many facets of the topic.

During the course of the day, students were split into groups to discuss key world problems and engage in activities. Professor Elisabetta Groppelli gave an insightful talk on her work during the Ebola crisis, and the students presented their ideas to one another.

Throughout the workshop the students were fully engaged with discussions ranging from the definitions of disaster to human impact and recovery. And as a result, Jess had no shortage of fantastic content to capture. 

The resulting piece of scribing - which we think is a real beauty - served not only as stimulation for participation on the day, but as a great post-event reminder of all the ground they covered. 

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