It's hard to imagine a more magical brief than the one we received from Pottermore, ahead of the highly anticipated launch of the eighth Potter story: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child: 

To create a series of animated GIFs, celebrating key moments in JK Rowling's extraordinary Potter saga, as well as some richly illustrated, mobile friendly timelines depicting a couple of Hogwarts' most dramatic episodes, which can be seen below.

While being our very great pleasure to work with such fantastic material on this important campaign, we also felt a great weight of responsibility to the millions of Potter fans who would go on to watch and share our work across social media.  

With a social media reach in excess of nine million, the campaign squarely hit its mark, with Scriberia's animated GIFs achieving more than twice the reach of an average Pottermore post. 

'I was blown away at every point in the project. From the concepts that were clever and captured the brief perfectly to the beautiful final animations and illustrations. But the true proof of their success was how massively popular they were with the community.'

Adam Fulrath, Head of Creative, Pottermore

The project was delivered in a style that was both a natural fit with the Potter brand, and, at the same time, was able to bring a freshness and an excitement to the retelling of these well-loved stories.

20 years after the release of the first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, those who have grown up with Potter now inhabit a truly digital world. 

Click to view The Battle of Hogwarts timeline

Click to view The Battle of Hogwarts timeline

Click to view The Triwizards Tournament timeline

Click to view The Triwizards Tournament timeline